The Questions

More than one species of humans have been in existence at the same time for most of our history. We, Homo sapiens, have overlapped with Neanderthals, Denisovans, and probably several other types of humans. We even had sex with some of them. All of these other human species are now extinct. We are the last of a dying lineage. However, we are the most successful human species by far, populating every livable niche on Earth. And using our advanced brains, we now know that our genome is changing faster than ever in history. The conclusion of my research is that more than one human species will coexist again in a manner and timing that will surprise you.

This book focuses on what comes next, evolutionarily, for our species.  What, specifically, will happen? When will it happen, and how will we know when it happens? These are the questions raised by my nonfiction book, “What Comes after Homo Sapiens?”  We are the only species in all of history that could even ask the questions, let alone conceive of the answers. When the next evolutionary event occurs for us, we will be the first species to ever recognize its own successor! I have spent the past several years researching these questions and in this book I will share with you my journey and the answers.